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I am really enjoying your product
Dear Catherine,

Happy New year to you and your team.
I am really enjoying your product and am superhappy not to be adding to the piles of plastic bottles needing to be recycled in our neighbourhood every week. Thanks again for this great business and for always being prompt and delivering even last minute orders. Your delivery team always has a smile on and as a customer it is just a pleasure to deal with aquaV.

Warm regards,

Andrew Botha
Environmentally friendly
There's just something about glass bottled water that makes you never want to drink out of plastic again - and then this is also environmentally friendly which makes it so much better!
Nadia Mare
So refreshing
It's so refreshing and delicious. The sparkling water has just the best bubbles... Makes me feel happy.
Genevieve Black
Thank You
I have just got off your website and have to tell you that I just LOVE what you guys are doing …. Glass, sustainable, returnable bottles. Somewhere, in this huge consuming universe, there are some companies that are just doing it right. On behalf of the planet, thank you.
Bianca Kasselman
Thank you!
I am absolutely in love with your product and the part you play in the better packaging movement!
La Vista Lodge ****
We love Aqua.v
On our route to #Zerowaste in Plett we love the Aqua.v Water! Excellent Taste! We love every sip! And it looks beautiful in our L o d g e!
Lairds Lodge
Lairds Lodge First Delivery #EcoFriendly
First Delivery #EcoFriendly ...Love the wooden crates @aquav
Grand Daddy Boutique Hotel
Only the best for our guests! AquaV
Only the best for our guests! AquaV
Ricks Café
Excellent customer service
I really appreciate the excellent customer service smile
Thanks a million for the early delivery Nigel
Have a great weekend further