Thank you water received!
Very good service and I would like to give you feedback the delivery men were really great.
Best wishes

Marc Berrange
Good day,

I am sitting at the Farmers Daughter in Howick and have just tasted your Aqua.V sparkling water. I truly believe it’s the most delicious sparkling water I have ever tasted!
Furthermore I really believe in your vision of sustainable product packaging. I must commend you on both the taste and the overall product.

Marc Berrange

Latitude 33
Supply to Atlantic point Backpackers
Hi Nigel,

I was the owner of Latitude 33, we used to be a client of yours. I am looking to get water supplied to our Backpackers bar and would like to use you guys, as i know your service was always great and so is the product.
Would it be possible to get back into business with you?

Shana Fugard
A short note to say a huge thank
Dear Nigel,

A short note to say a huge thank you for the fantastic service I have received from your company.

Always communicating on the order, happy to change the delivery date and then the actual delivery!

The two delightful young gentlemen that delivered my water on Saturday, where on time, even though the GPS sent them in another direction! I was all prepared to wait out the 10.00 am – 1.00pm delivery window, but they arrived just after 10.00am, after having called to say they had missed the road, had turned around and where on their way.

They arrived in the smart delivery truck with huge smiles and happy “good mornings”, packed the boxes in the garage and left with more smiles and happy “good byes” – fantastic gentlemen! They are huge credit to your company.

Thank you to all in your company, which is amazing and keep on delivering great water!

I will definitely be recommending your company to all my friends. Thank you again!

Kind regards
Shana Fugard

I am really enjoying your product
Dear Catherine,

Happy New year to you and your team.
I am really enjoying your product and am superhappy not to be adding to the piles of plastic bottles needing to be recycled in our neighbourhood every week. Thanks again for this great business and for always being prompt and delivering even last minute orders. Your delivery team always has a smile on and as a customer it is just a pleasure to deal with aquaV.

Warm regards,

Andrew Botha
Environmentally friendly
There's just something about glass bottled water that makes you never want to drink out of plastic again - and then this is also environmentally friendly which makes it so much better!
Nadia Mare
So refreshing
It's so refreshing and delicious. The sparkling water has just the best bubbles... Makes me feel happy.
Genevieve Black
Thank You
I have just got off your website and have to tell you that I just LOVE what you guys are doing …. Glass, sustainable, returnable bottles. Somewhere, in this huge consuming universe, there are some companies that are just doing it right. On behalf of the planet, thank you.
Bianca Kasselman
Thank you!
I am absolutely in love with your product and the part you play in the better packaging movement!
La Vista Lodge ****
We love Aqua.v
On our route to #Zerowaste in Plett we love the Aqua.v Water! Excellent Taste! We love every sip! And it looks beautiful in our L o d g e!

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