Spring Water in Glass

aqua.v was born out of a desire to offer the freshest natural spring mineral water in glass bottles that were eco-friendly. aqua.v is nature’s natural refreshment, bottled with great care in sustainable packaging.

Renewable Packaging

Our glass bottles are packaged in wooden crates - a renewable resource - just another reason why aqua.v mineral water is such an all-round eco-sustainable product. aqua.v is pleased to be the first company in South Africa to provide spring mineral water in returnable glass bottles and to be a part of the solution to a healthy and environmentally sustainable way of living.

Why Glass?

We serve aqua.v mineral water in glass because of the irreparable damage that plastic does to our environment, our oceans and to us by taking over one thousand years to disintegrate. During this process, plastic toxins are released directly into our earth, oceans and food chain. Because glass is one of the most inefficient materials to recycle, saving only 30% of the energy it takes to recreate each bottle, we realised that an alternative solution was needed. As a result, aqua.v spring mineral water uses only returnable & reusable glass bottles.
"Given the fact that there is no “Planet B”, our mission statement is straight forward and encapsulated in one simple word... return."

Our Franchises

There are currently nine aqua.v franchises nationwide. Each is in line with our ethos of minimum impact on the environment coupled with maximum drinking pleasure. As a matter of principle, all of our franchise areas bottle the freshest spring mineral water as close to source as possible.
Our mineral water springs are located in the Midlands which supplies KwaZulu-Natal, the Magaliesberg supplying Gauteng, Paarl which supplies the Western Cape, and Langkloof which supplies the Garden Route and Eastern Cape.

Franchise Opportunities Available!

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